Zoom 《2021年発売》『春颯-Haruhayate-』
Zoom 《2021年発売》『春颯-Haruhayate-』
Zoom 《2021年発売》『春颯-Haruhayate-』


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"The brewer lavishly used four types of aromatic hops, and like the tidings of spring, the bright aroma of hops fills your mouth the moment you drink it, like a piercing breeze. The clean bitterness and slightly higher alcohol content give it just the right amount of body to make this a very drinkable India Pale Ale."



Ingredients: malt, hops
Alcohol Content: 6.5
Beer Style: India Pale Ale
Bottle size: 333ml
Shelf life: 180 days from production
Storage method: Keep in a cool, dark place.


About India Pale Ale (IPA)
 A beer style that originated in Europe. It is made using a large amount of hops.
India Pale Ale was originally intended to intentionally control the antiseptic effect of hops by using a large amount of hops, but today, the American style is another movement that focuses on the "aroma" of hops.
 The hues range from gold to copper, fruity esters, and high-level hop aromas include floral, fruity, citrus, and various other characters.
 COEDO's Haruhayate is an American-style India pale ale. It has a slightly orange or reddish gold color, fruity tropical and stone fruit hop aromas, and a moderate malt sweetness.

 The beer style of COEDO's standard item "Kyara" is "India Pale Lager. This beer is fermented with lager yeast and a large amount of hops. Kyara uses mainly New Zealand and other New World aroma hops, giving it a fruity aroma with a hint of white grape. The use of caramel malt gives it a deep yellowish-brown or Kyara color with a reddish hue, and it has a rich, sweet taste and a good body.
 The popular "Marihana" is also an IPA, but this one is a "Session India Pale Ale," a low-alcohol IPA. Marihana is brewed with many citrusy American hops, giving it a refreshing citrus aroma. It has a very bright gold color and a light-bodied, yet drinkable mouthfeel.

 By the way, did you know that the Japanese name for hops is "marihana"?

 As you can see, there is a wide variety of hops, including India Pale Ale (IPA) and India Pale Lager (IPL). Even if the same variety of hops are used, the result will vary depending on the combination of malt and yeast (yeast). The brewer's recipe can have a very wide range of expression.

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