Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」
Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」
Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」
Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」
Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」
Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」
Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」
Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」
Zoom 《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」

《2021年発売》【小江戸鏡山酒造 × COEDO】「麦絡別誂 朧朧 (むぎがらみべつあつらえ ろうろう)」

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To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kawagoe City, we collaborated with Kagamiyama in Nakamachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. The beer is brewed with an abundance of new pure sake brewed at Kagamiyama, and the aroma and richness of the sake and the richness of the oats blend together beautifully to create a completely new style of "SAKE HAZY IPA".

Many sake products containing carbon dioxide have been developed and are now available in the market, but the fusion of sake and beer with a strong carbonation is something that can only be achieved with craft beer.

The product name is "Mugigara Mitakuatsurae," which is derived from the image of sake and wort being specially brewed together, and "Oboroboro," which is derived from the hazy finish and dim nuance of oats.


Koedo Kagamiyama Shuzo × COEDO] "Mugigaramibetsuatsurare Oboroboro" (to be released in 2021)

Ingredients: Sake (domestic), malt, oats, hops
Beer style: SAKE Hazy IPA
Alcohol content: 9.0%
IBU: 10.77 (IBU is an international unit for beer bitterness)
Specifications: 333ml bottle


Koedo Kagamiyama Sake Brewery Co.
Its history dates back to 1875 (Meiji 8), more than 140 years before now. It was supported and loved by the people of Kawagoe, a traditional sake brewing and commercial town, but in 2000 (Heisei 12), the curtain sadly came down on the brewery.
The loss of the sake brewery in Kawagoe, a town of breweries, was a great shock, and many people expressed their wishes for the sake brewery's revival.
In 2007, in response to these wishes, the brewery was revived as the new "Koedo Kagamiyama Sake Brewery," led by a group of young people. The sake brewery has become well-known throughout Japan, even beyond Kawagoe, Saitama, for its new-age sake brewing.
Daiginjo Shizukusyu Kagamiyama" using "Sake Musashi" won a gold medal at the 2019 National New Sake Competition.

▼ Kawagoe City celebrates its 100th anniversary
Kawagoe has flourished as a castle town since the Edo period (1603-1868) thanks to boat transportation on the Shinkagishi River, a tributary of the Sumida River in the Arakawa River system, and has had strong connections with Edo through various forms of transportation.
The people and goods that came and went were strongly influenced by the Edo culture, and the town enjoyed economic and cultural prosperity by adopting such influences.
In 1878, the first national bank in the prefecture, the Hachijugo Bank, opened for business, and in 1900, the Kawagoe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the first public economic organization in the prefecture, was established. Furthermore, the Kawagoe Railway (later Seibu Shinjuku Line) and the Tojo Railway (later Tobu Tojo Line) were opened, and the shift in the weight of transportation from boats to railroads further strengthened the ties with Tokyo.
The Taisho Democracy raised residents' awareness of local autonomy, and momentum grew for the establishment of a city system.
In 2022, Kawagoe City, our hometown, will celebrate its 100th anniversary as a city.

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