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「⻨ノ秋⾳楽祭(むぎのときおんがくさい)」出演アーティストが 決定!地元の⾷を味わえる名店が参加!本⽇よりチケット販売開始!

A camping-type music festival "Mugino Autumn Music Festival" will be held for the first time on November 5th and 6th on the premises of COEDO craft beer brewery in Higashimatsushima City, Saitama Prefecture.

The artists participating in the festival include UA, Nobuo Ohshino (ACIDMAN), Caravan, Takashi Hamasaki (FLYING KIDS), Ryota Fujimaki, and a special session by Shoji Oda (THE BACK HORN) and Tak Muramatsu (Nothing's Carved In Stone). (Nothing's Carved In Stone). In addition, the alterna-country band LAUREL will perform as the opening live band.

A total of seven artists will perform live acoustic sets!

Seven artists have been selected to perform at the festival. All artists will perform in acoustic sets to enrich the space. Please come and enjoy a special time that you can only experience here.

November 5 (Sunday) Artists *Summary in order of appearance (order will be announced at a later date)

UA, Caravan, Takashi Hamasaki (FLYING KIDS), Ryota Fujimaki


November 6th (Sun.) Artists *50th Anniversary (order of appearance to be announced later)

Nobuo Ohshino (ACIDMAN), Masashi Yamashita (THE BACK HORN), Taku Muramatsu (Nothing's Carved In Stone)

French, Chinese, meat, etc. will be served in the food area! Taste local specialties and foods at the festival site!

You can enjoy the best dishes served at the venue of the Mugino-Aki Music Festival by restaurants and producers in Saitama who have strong feelings and are communicating with each other through food. We hope you will enjoy them.


Opening in Ogawamachi, Saitama in 2021. Chef Niijima, who served as head chef at the Japanese Embassy in the U.K., proposes "Satoyama French" cuisine that can be savored with all five senses.


A restaurant offering Asian French/Chinese cuisine using local ingredients and organic vegetables.

Kokubu Ranch

This ranch raises approximately 130 head of beef cattle annually. The beef is fed on rice straw and concentrated feed produced mainly in Saitama Prefecture, and COEDO beer malt lees.

Motsu-ni-ni Matsui

Founded in 1987, Matsutsui's " ultimate stewed beef " is a gem of carefully selected meat simmered in a secret sauce for a long time, and is so tender that it melts in your mouth.


Organic & Co. is a weigh-down grocery store and botanical bar that aims to be zero-waste and to make the experience of organic food fun.

On the second day, barley seeds will be sown for the next music festival!

The title of the festival, "Mugi-no-Autumn" = " Mugi-Autumn" refers to the harvest season from May to June, when the wheat harvest is golden. At the finale of this festival, all participants will sow wheat seeds in the field at the venue to connect their thoughts toward the next "Barley No Autumn Music Festival" in the hope of nurturing the event together with everyone.

Ticket acceptance begins today, September30, at 18: 00!

Tickets are available for the two-day content experience, as well as one-day tickets, and for teens, student discount tickets are also available. A separate camping ticket is required for camping, so please don't forget to purchase your ticket.

For more information, please visit the official website and access the "Mugi-no-Autumn Music Festival" page of the e+ ticketing service to purchase tickets.

▼ e+ (e+) "Barley No Aki Music Festival" Ticket Purchase Page

Please be sure to read the guidelines for infection control before ordering tickets.

Mugino Autumn Music Festival2022 Outline

Date: Saturday, November5, 20229:00 - Sunday, November 6, 202215:00 ( tentative)

Venue: COEDO Craft Beer Brewery outdoor grounds area and inside the brewery

1352 Otani, Higashimatsuyama-shi, Saitama

Organizer: Kyodo Shoji Coedo Brewery

Wise Connection

Production: Y's Connection


Tanabe ( COEDO)

Hasegawa (Wise Connection)

Official WEB site:


Event hashtab: #mugino_toki

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