Shipping policy

Standard Shipping Charges

Hokkaido ¥968~
North Tohoku ¥649~
South Tohoku ¥561~
Kanto ¥451~
Shinnetsu/Hokuriku/Chubu ¥561~
Kansai ¥649~
Chugoku ¥759~
Shikoku ¥858~
Kyushu ¥968~
Okinawa ¥1320~

(Shipping company: Yamato Transport and Sagawa express)

Free shipping

Orders over 5000 yen including tax.
Some products are including shipping cost

Some items may be shipped by Neko Pos (385 yen per item nationwide) or Letter Pack Light (370 yen per item nationwide).

Delivery to remote islands


We usually ship within 7 business days after your order is placed. (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
If you prefer specific delivery date and time, please enter in the remarks column when placing your order.
In the case of
pre-order items, we will ship within 7 business days from the scheduled shipping start date.
In the case of Convenience Store Payment or Bank Transfer, the order will be shipped after the payment is completed.

In some areas such as remote islands and mountainous areas, "Time-Designated Delivery", and "Cool Delivery" may not be available.

If we are unable to deliver due to the recipient moving, having an unknown address, or being absent for an extended period of time, we will forward the order to the person who placed the order.
We will not be able to cancel an order after it has been shipped for the above reasons.)

Packing and Noshi Gift

We affix the delivery label directly to the product. If you do not wish to have the delivery label affixed directly to the product, please enter "Double wrapping" in the remarks column.
"Double wrapping" means wrapping the product with plastic film and affixing the delivery label on it

We can prepare noshi gifts for a variety of occasions such as midyear gift, year-end gift, and othercelebratory occasions.
Please select the noshi designation when
(Noshi within the package, personalized with the name of the recipient are also available)


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