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---Natsu Sansan
The temperature is rising, the contrast of clouds drifting in the blue sky, the sun shining brightly, the refreshing fruity acidity, the richness of malt, and the taste of malt on your throat will make your taste buds sing! --The "Saku" is a Japanese word meaning "Saku" in Japanese.

The luxurious use of "Samploon" produced in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, the fruity and refreshing acidity, and the light taste due to the low alcohol content make this beer perfect for early summer.

Samploon" from Saku City, Nagano Prefecture

It is said that "Samploon" originated in the Saku region of Nagano Prefecture, where it has been cultivated since 1965. The "Samploon" variety accounts for the largest production volume among prunes. The region's low annual rainfall, cool climate, and large temperature differences between day and night make it an ideal environment for growing fruit that retains its texture, taste, and sugar content.

This time, we used "Samploon" produced by Sakurai Orchard in Saku City, which started as an apple farmer and has been running the business for generations.

▼COEDO's Relationship with Nonstandardized Agricultural Products

COEDO is a brewery that started brewing beer in 1996, based on the idea of making effective use of off-specification sweet potatoes "Beni Aka," which are a specialty of the Kawagoe area in Saitama Prefecture and are grown using a recycling method called "fallen-leaf compost agriculture," and barley, a green manure to prevent continuous crop damage.

The "Samplon" used in the "Summer Brilliance" brewed this time was out of standard due to over-ripeness, shape, or blemishes. The produce was purchased from the fruit and flower department of Kyodo Shoji Co. COEDO, a beer business division of Kyodo Shoji Co.

By making effective use of out-of-spec agricultural products, we will continue to support agriculture, which is our starting point, and take action to establish a sustainable production and consumption system.


Natsusansan" (Natsusansan)

Ingredients: malt, prunes ("Sakurai Orchard" in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture), hops
Beer style: Fruit Ale
Alcohol percentage: 3.5



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