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香港のクラフトブルワリー<carbon brews>とのコラボレーション

We collaborated with the largest brewery in Hong Kong, <carbon brews>.

Hops are injected as much as possible to give it a mellow aroma and intense bitterness, while retaining the richness and sweetness of malt, and using rice produced in Kawagoe to follow up with a sharp taste. The name of the brew is v2!, a collaboration beer made at carbon brews brewery in Hong Kong in 2019, was released as a Hong Kong-only product and won the same year's Australian International Beer Awards - International Lager's It was highly acclaimed, winning Gold in the Other International style lager category at the Australian International Beer Awards - International Lager in the same year.

Just as carbon brews is opening its first directly managed taproom in Akasaka, Japan, and a new taproom in Hong Kong, we at COEDO are now brewing " v2".
For the 2nd batch, We communicated and brushed up on the recipe online with Chris Wong, head brewer at carbon brews.
For the "rice" that is part of our identity, we used locally grown Kawagoe rice this time, whereas the 1st batch was jasmine rice with guaranteed quality.

Our GM, Chris Wong, is the co-founder of Heroes Beer Co and HK Brewcraft, and has won three outstanding awards in three categories at the 2019 Rate Beer: Best Beer, Best Brewer, and Best New Brewer. He got his start in brewing after meeting Anchor Brewing's signature brand, Anchor Steam, which ignited the craft beer scene in the United States.
His success in the Hong Kong craft beer scene has been remarkable, and this collaboration with him is a very spirited project.

We believe that carbon brews will be strongly developed in Japan in the future, starting with the Akasaka taproom. As the name of the beer suggests, they are very friendly to Japanese culture, so let's welcome them with this beer!


About ▶carbon brews

Established in 2018 in Fo Tan, Hong Kong's industrial district, Carbon Brews is one of Hong Kong's leading craft breweries. With the goal of making beer for people who don't like beer, they brew a wide variety of styles, from classic beers such as lagers and IPAs to low-alcohol beers and sours, so that many people can enjoy them. In just over three years since its founding, the brewery has won numerous awards both in Japan and abroad.

The brewery has gone beyond the beer mold, brewing beers in collaboration with a wide range of genres, including coffee shops and film directors.

On March 7, 2022, the company opened its first directly managed taproom in Japan, <carbon brews tokyo>, in Akasaka, Tokyo.

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Official HP:
Japan : carbonbrewsjapan/


carbon brews × COEDO] v2

Ingredients: malt, rice (from Kawagoe City), hops
Beer style: India Page Lager
Alcohol content: 7% Alcoholic



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