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【Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO】Been to Bar チョコレートファクトリーとクラフトブルワリーのコラボレーション第3弾。

This is the third collaboration with Dandelion Chocolate, a chocolate factory from San Francisco, USA, known for its "bean to bar" manufacturing process from cacao beans to chocolate bars.
This time, cacao nibs and chocolate from cacao beans harvested in 2018 from the Dominican Republic were used. The flavor has a mellow aroma derived from cacao, a gentle sourness reminiscent of cherries, and an added malt-derived sweetness.

About Dandelion Chocolate0

Founded in 2010 by Todd Masonis and his team, Dandelion Chocolate began making chocolate in a friend's garage after the sale of the web business they co-owned in 2008. to Bar chocolate.
Dandelion Chocolate imports only after visiting the producers of the cacao beans it uses, sometimes negotiating directly with them about the entire process, from fermentation to drying.

0What is Bean to Bar0

Bean to Bar is a new category of chocolate born out of the craft food movement in the United States, which emphasizes the importance of ingredients and the attention to detail of the maker. It refers to the fact that the entire process, from bean to bar, is completed in a single factory.
Currently, it is said that there are nearly 500 bean-to-bar manufacturers around the world, with many new ones emerging in Japan as well, starting around 2014.

While the bean-to-bar boom has led to the development of a variety of methods, Dandelion Chocolate's products are characterized by the use of only single-origin cacao beans and organic cane sugar to ensure a pure taste of the original cacao flavor. In addition, the entire process of bean selection, roasting, grinding, tempering, molding, and packaging is done by hand.

0Past collaborations0

Chocolate Dunkel (launched in 2019)
- Chocolate Weizen (launched in 2020)

In this Chocolate Dunkel, the cacao beans used have been changed from Tanzanian to Dominican Republic.


Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO] "Chocolate Dunkel

Ingredients: malt, hops, cacao nibs (from Dominican Republic), chocolate (from Dominican Republic)
Beer style: Dunkel
Alcohol percentage: 5.5



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