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【HORIGUCHI × COEDO】『織香-Worka-』

Since the beginning of the collaboration in 2018, the craftsmen (brewers and roasters) of both companies have demonstrated their craftsmanship in selecting the base beer and coffee beans based on the concept of "creating a coffee beer that overturns the conventional image of coffee and its diversity". This year, we will be holding the "Tora - Tora Coffee Beer" event.

This year, in an effort to create a different taste from the "Sumatera -Sumatora-" of the previous years, we started again with a deeper understanding of each other's craftsmanship at each other's production sites, and re-selected coffee beans and beer styles from scratch. This time, we roasted and supplied Ethiopian "Wolka Harohadi" City Roast beans. We soaked them in "Alto" style beer brewed at Coedo Brewery. The finished coffee beer is distinctly different from the taste of conventional black beer-based coffee porters and coffee stouts.

As the name "Worka" suggests, the result is a delicate, multi-layered flavor with the gorgeous aroma and fruity flavor of coffee woven into the "Alt" base beer. It is a beer to be savored and enjoyed as the season gradually changes from fall to winter.

What is ▼ Beer Style Alt?

We chose the traditional German style of "Alt" beer with more emphasis on its drinkability as a beer and its harmony with coffee. Munich malt and caramel malt were added to the standard Pilsner malt to add sweetness and richness to the refreshing taste and to enhance the affinity with coffee. Furthermore, by adjusting the amount and timing of the hops, the aroma and bitterness derived from hops have been moderated, so that the gorgeous aroma and fruitiness derived from coffee can be enjoyed.

What is "Wolka Harohadi" City Roast Ethiopian coffee bean?

The name of this beer, "Orika -Worka-", is also derived from this. We narrowed down the list of coffees to those that have a distinctive aroma that blends well with the beer. The "Wolka" area is located further southeast down from Yirgacheffe in the southwest part of Ethiopia. The Wolka Washing Station (processing plant) is located in the Wolka area, and coffee cherries are brought in from several neighboring villages. We decided to select "Wolka Holohadi," a coffee from the village of Holohadi, which is located in an environment where particularly high quality coffee is grown. The richness and sweetness of the city roast with its gorgeous aroma and fruity aftertaste lasts forever. The green bean buyer of Horiguchi Coffee, who actually visited the Halohadi settlement last year, also gave his stamp of approval for the excellent quality of this coffee.

History of the collaboration with Horiguchi Coffee

▷Sumatora -Sumatora- 2018
Base beer: My Box Style
Coffee beans: Indonesia "LCF Mandarin" City Roast

For the base beer, we selected "My Box Tile," a boxtile with a high alcohol content and a heavy flavor, but with a small amount of roasted malt. The coffee beans used were Mandarin, which is normally enjoyed as a deep roast, roasted slightly shallower than usual to express its light and fresh characteristics in the foreground. The result is a medium-bodied coffee with a brownish-brown color reminiscent of shallow-roasted beans and a toasty aroma that goes well with the coffee's savory flavor.

▷Sumatora -Sumatora- 2019
Base beer: lager style
Coffee beans: city roast "LCF Mandarin" from Indonesia

Using the same beans as in 2018, the base beer was changed to a lager style with a clean taste and crisp bitterness. In November 2019, this beer won the Bronze Award in the Herb & Spice Beer category of the <European Beer Star Award>, Europe's largest beer competition, held in Germany. Award.

About Horiguchi Coffee

Under the brand concept of "THE NEW COFFEE CLASSIC," Horiguchi Coffee aims to enhance the value of coffee and contribute to the enrichment of people's lives.
With roasting and sales of coffee beans as its core business, the company also supplies green coffee beans and operates coffee shops. As a specialty coffee shop, we use only the highest quality (high-end) green coffee beans. We procure most of our coffee beans from growers with whom we have long-term relationships of trust. We do not focus on single origin (straight) or shallow roasted coffees, but also emphasize blends and deep roasted coffees. In addition to a wide variety of single origins, the shop offers a lineup of nine standard blends and special blends for limited time periods.
Food items such as sandwiches and cakes are also prepared in-house, and a menu that pursues pairings that make coffee and food even more delicious is offered. We offer a variety of ways to enjoy coffee.


Orika -Worka-" (Japanese only)

Ingredients: malt, coffee beans (Ethiopian "Wolka Harohadi"), hops
Style: Coffee Ale
Alcohol content: 5.0%
Volume: 333ml bottle



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