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【sghr × COEDO】”The Beer Series”

Since its establishment in 1932, "Sghr Sugahara" has been committed to handcrafted glass manufacturing, and its craftsmen themselves, who are well versed in the characteristics of glass, are passionate about glass manufacturing as developers and designers.
We have collaborated with Sghr Sugahara on the production of original glasses to match the six standard COEDO beverages.
This year, COEDO has prepared the anniversary beer "Bari-Hari" (India Pale Ale with Shiro Koji) to accompany the "Sghr 88th Anniversary Ale Glass" designed to commemorate the 88th anniversary of Sugawara Kogei Glass. The beer will be available for purchase at the COEDO Brewery.

▼Sghr × COEDO The Beer Series

The "the beer" series is the result of a collaboration between craftsmen who share a common interest in craftsmanship and technology.
The glasses are designed to match each of COEDO's six beers.

*From left to right:
・Sghr × COEDO The Beer Series "haku for Shiro-"
・Sghr × COEDO The Beer Series "hour hour for Ruri-"
・Sghr × COEDO The Beer Series "likka Sghr × COEDO The Beer Series "su 素 for Beniaka-"
・Sghr × COEDO The Beer Series "nido nido for Jet-Black-Shikkoku-"

Sghr × COEDO The Beer Series "koiki koiki for Marihana-"

▼ Sghr 88th Anniversary Ale Glass & BORI-HARI

Sghr 88th Anniversary Ale Glass"
The beautiful silhouette and shiny body of the glass not only enhances the aroma of the beer, but the inside has a sandblasted finish to enhance the bubbles, so you can enjoy the aroma more each time you drink or by swirling the glass. The inside is sandblasted (matt) to enhance the bubbles.


Both Ruri and Bori shine when illuminated.

Bori has long been known as a different name for glass, and Ruri is one of COEDO's standard products. We named our product "Bori" in hopes of sending a cheer to each other in the future.
It is a light IPA with a fruity aroma reminiscent of white grapes and berries, a refreshing acidity from the citric acidity of the white malted rice, and a moderate bitterness. It has nuances reminiscent of wine and sake, so try it in a variety of glasses to enjoy the different characteristics of this beer.

Ingredients : Malt, White yeast, Hops
Style : India Pale Ale
Alcohol : 6.5


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