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Around the same time as the recent Mugino Autumn Music Festival, Higashimatsuyama City hosted the Three Day March, the second largest walking event in the world and the largest in Japan.

To coincide with this event, we released "Touei Roman," an English mild ale-based drink made with chestnuts harvested in Higashimatsuyama City.

With a low alcohol content of 3.5%, this beer is gentle on the body after a hard day's walk, and the chestnut flavor spreads softly at the end of the refreshing sip.

Higashimatsuyama City is the second largest chestnut producing area in the prefecture, with an annual production of 80 tons during its peak season about 40 years ago.

Currently, production is gradually declining due to a decrease in the number of chestnut growers, but the city is promoting the sixth industrialization of agriculture and collaboration among agriculture, commerce, and industry.

We are proud to have a rich agricultural production area in our community. We are happy to make use of the city's agricultural products and hope that everyone will enjoy new discoveries and tastes.

And we hope you will visit Higashimatsuyama, which is rich in nature.

Touei Roman" is made from three kinds of chestnuts collected by two chestnut producing cooperatives in Higashimatsuyama, which are slowly matured at a low temperature to raise their sugar content, and then grilled to bring out the aroma of roasted chestnuts. The baking process was also done with the cooperation of a business in the city.

The finish is a refreshing sip with a gentle chestnut aroma.

The name "Roman" means chestnut.... In English, it is marron...romance... The name "Tokei Roman" comes from the image of colorful autumn leaves and emotional autumn dusk.

It is a taste only available at this time of the year.


Touei Roman
Ingredients: malted barley, chestnuts (from Higashimatsuyama, Saitama), hops
Beer Style: English Mild Ale
Alcohol Content: 3.5%
IBU: 21 (IBU is an international unit for beer bitterness)

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