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Zoom 《2022年発売》【HORIGUCHI × COEDO】『暮音-Kureoto-』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【HORIGUCHI × COEDO】『暮音-Kureoto-』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【HORIGUCHI × COEDO】『暮音-Kureoto-』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【HORIGUCHI × COEDO】『暮音-Kureoto-』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【HORIGUCHI × COEDO】『暮音-Kureoto-』

《2022年発売》【HORIGUCHI × COEDO】『暮音-Kureoto-』

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--- Horiguchi Coffee & Coed Brewery 5th Collaboration! ---

The collaboration with Horiguchi Coffee started in 2018 with the concept of "creating products that allow you to experience the diversity of specialty coffee and craft beer".
 This is a collaboration series full of originality between COEDO and Horiguchi Coffee, in which craftsmen, roasters, and brewers from both companies demonstrate their craftsmanship to pursue the possibility of "new flavors" and challenge a different style every year.
In the past, some of the brands have won the European Beer Competition (European Beer Star), one of the largest beer competitions in Europe.

This year's collaboration will run twice, once in October and again in October.
Please look forward to the products to be released in October!

>About Kureoto
Kureoto is light in color and light in mouthfeel, making it ideal as a first sip on a "summer evening. Wolka] Claywot Natural City Roast from Ethiopia, with its citrus and berry fruitiness, is paired with a pale gold "golden ale" style beer.
The result is a clean, refreshing beer with a delicate taste that beautifully blends the gentle sweetness of malt with the sweet aroma and fruitiness of coffee beans.
As the name "Kure-oto" suggests, please enjoy it at dusk in summer when the sun is setting and the heat is easing, while feeling the sounds of nature and the city brought by the wind.

"How Kureoto was made"



Ingredients: malt, coffee beans (Ethiopian "Wolka" Claywot Natural City Roast), hops
Beer style: Coffee Ale
Alcohol content: 5.0%
Specifications: bottle 333ml
Shelf life: 180 days from manufacture


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