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Zoom 【Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO】『チョコレート・デュンケル』
Zoom 【Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO】『チョコレート・デュンケル』
Zoom 【Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO】『チョコレート・デュンケル』
Zoom 【Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO】『チョコレート・デュンケル』
Zoom 【Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO】『チョコレート・デュンケル』
Zoom 【Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO】『チョコレート・デュンケル』

【Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO】『チョコレート・デュンケル』

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This has been an annual collaboration with Dandelion Chocolate, a bean to bar chocolate brand from San Francisco, USA, since 2019.

The first release in 2019 and every year since the re-brew in 2021 have been released at the same time to color the cold winter months.

This beer is based on the "Dunkel" style, using cacao nibs (2021crop) and chocolate from Dominican Republic cacao beans. This year, the recipe has been brushed up to maximize the character of the cacao nibs. The deep flavor of cacao nibs can be felt.

Enjoy the balance between the subtle sweetness from the malt, the mellow aroma of the cacao nibs, and the mild sourness reminiscent of cherries.


Dandelion Chocolate × COEDO] "Chocolate Dunkel

Ingredients: malt, hops, cacao nibs (Dominican Republic/2021crop), chocolate (Dominican Republic)
Beer style: Dunkel
Alcohol content: 5.5%
Specifications: Bottle 333ml
Shelf life: 180 days from manufacture
Storage method: Keep in a cool dark place


▼ What is Dandelion Chocolate?

Founded in 2010 by founder Todd Masonis and others, Dandelion Chocolate began making chocolate in a friend's garage after the sale of the web business they co-owned in 2008. Bar chocolate.
Dandelion Chocolate imports only after visiting the producers of the cacao beans used, sometimes negotiating directly with them about the process from fermentation to drying, and aims to take Bean to Bar from a movement to a culture.

What is Bean to Bar?

A new category of chocolate born out of the craft food movement in the U.S. that emphasizes the importance of the ingredients and the creator's attention to detail. It refers to the fact that the entire process, from bean to bar, is completed in a single factory.
Currently, it is said that there are nearly 500 bean-to-bar manufacturers around the world, with many more emerging in Japan since around 2014. While there are many different bean-to-bar brands using different methods, Dandelion Chocolate's products are characterized by the use of only single-origin cacao beans and organic cane sugar to ensure the pure taste of the original cacao flavor. In addition, the entire process of bean selection, roasting, grinding, tempering, molding, and packaging is done by hand.

▼ Collaboration history to date▼.

2019 Chocolate Dunkel
2020 Chocolate Weizen
2021 Chocolate Dunkel
2022 Chocolate Dunkel
Melting Pod (on sale )
2023 Chocolate Dunkel ←now here

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