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Zoom COEDO Casual Set (24 cans of 3 kinds)
Zoom COEDO Casual Set (24 cans of 3 kinds)
Zoom COEDO Casual Set (24 cans of 3 kinds)
Zoom COEDO Casual Set (24 cans of 3 kinds)
Zoom COEDO Casual Set (24 cans of 3 kinds)
Zoom COEDO Casual Set (24 cans of 3 kinds)

COEDO Casual Set (24 cans of 3 kinds)

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通常の購入     ¥7,929


This 24-pack set includes 8 bottles each of COEDO's standard canned lineup of Ruri, Kyara, and Marihana, for daily use.
The set is perfect for everyday use, parties and BBQs with family, friends, and colleagues, as an accompaniment to activities, as a stocking stuffer for home use, and for a variety of other situations.

The beer is delivered in a new cardboard case that won the Silver Award in the "Japan Package Design Award 2021".
To commemorate the award, six original coasters (not for sale) will be included as a purchase bonus!


COEDO Casual Set (3 cans, 24 bottles)

Contents of the set0

"Ruri" - The royal road to beer, Pilsner. You will enjoy the balance of bitterness and aroma of hops and the delicious taste of barley.
 Beer Style: Pils
 Ingredients: malt, hops
 Alcohol content: 5% abv

"-Aromatic hops aroma reminiscent of white grapes and tropical fruits, bitterness, richness, and drinkability."
 Beer Style: IPL India Pale Lager
 Ingredients: malt, hops
 Alcohol Content: 5.5

"-A session IPA with a gorgeous aroma of citrus-inspired aroma hops."
 Beer Style: Session IPA
 Ingredients: malt (including wheat malt), hops
 Alcohol Content: 4.5

Purchase Privilege
COEDO original coaster (not for sale) x 6

0Expiration date0
 180 days from manufacture
 Stated on the bottom of each can.

Storage Method
 Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.


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