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Zoom 《2022年発売》【carbon brews × COEDO】『 v2』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【carbon brews × COEDO】『 v2』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【carbon brews × COEDO】『 v2』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【carbon brews × COEDO】『 v2』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【carbon brews × COEDO】『 v2』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【carbon brews × COEDO】『 v2』

《2022年発売》【carbon brews × COEDO】『 v2』

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A collaboration beer with <carbon brews>, a popular craft brewery in Hong Kong.

In 2019, COEDO brewers went to Hong Kong and brewed the 1st batch at carbon brews, which won a Gold Award at the Australian International Beer Awards the same year. It was highly acclaimed, winning a gold medal at the Australian International Beer Awards that year.
The second batch was brewed at COEDO with an even more refined recipe.

The use of rice grown in Saitama Prefecture gives it a refreshing mouthfeel, while the fruity aroma and deep bitterness from the large amount of six different hop varieties used bring out a wide range of character and create a colorful new taste.
The style is IPL, with a high alcohol content of 7%, yet the finish is enjoyable for beer geeks and beginners alike.

▶About carbon brews
Hong Kong's leading craft brewery, established in 2018 in Fo Tan, Hong Kong's industrial district. With the hope that people who don't like beer will drink it, they brew a wide variety of styles, from classic beers such as lagers and IPAs to low-alcohol beers and sours, so that they can be enjoyed by many people. In just over three years since its founding, the brewery has won numerous awards both in Japan and abroad.
The company brews beers not only in the beer mold, but also in collaboration with a wide range of genres such as coffee shops and film directors.
On March 7, 2022, the company opened its first directly-managed taproom in Japan, <carbon brews tokyo>, in Akasaka, Tokyo.

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[carbon brews × COEDO] v2

Ingredients: malt, hops
Beer Style: India Page Lager India Pale Lager
Alcohol content: 7%
IBU: 54.1 (IBU is an international unit of beer bitterness)
Specification: Can 350ml
Shelf life: 180 days from manufacture
Storage method: Keep in a cool dark place


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