Zoom 《2022年発売》【SUNMAI×COEDO】『サンショウカムクワットエール』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【SUNMAI×COEDO】『サンショウカムクワットエール』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【SUNMAI×COEDO】『サンショウカムクワットエール』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【SUNMAI×COEDO】『サンショウカムクワットエール』
Zoom 《2022年発売》【SUNMAI×COEDO】『サンショウカムクワットエール』


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The third collaboration with Taiwanese craft brewery <SUNMAI>.

The collaboration with SUNMAI started in 2019 with the aim of empathy and respect for brewing policy and the technical development of both parties, with the first release of "SUNMAI Kam Kwat Ale "Golden Luck Fook Lin"" at SUNMAI brewery in time for the Chinese New Year in Taiwan, and the second release of "Kiu -kiu The second release, "Ki-Ru -kiu", was made by COEDO Brewing in the summer of 2021.

For the third collaboration, COEDO will re-release "Sansho Kamquat Ale" brewed at SUNMAI's brewery in 2019.

This fruit and spice ale combines Taiwanese kumquat (kumquat) and Japanese sansho (Japanese pepper).
The mild mouthfeel and juicy flavor of the kumquat, gently refreshing, is pleasantly accented by the spicy aroma of sansho (Japanese pepper) with an edge. The moderate bitterness and light mouthfeel make for a high drinkability.

In Taiwan, kumquat is a familiar ingredient in juices, jams, and teas, and like in Japan, it is recognized as a lucky charm that brings good luck and is a New Year's commodity. While in Japan, nandoroni is one of the Osechi dishes, in Taiwan, kumquat trees are placed at the entrance like a kadomatsu, welcoming in the golden fortune.

In the initial release in 2019, the product was sold in Taiwan under the trade name "Golden Luck Fook Lin". It is our hope that this beer will be a blessing as we welcome the New Year.

▼ About SUNMAI
"Taste the aroma, a new kind of beer"
Founded in 2004 under the name of Golden San Mai (Ching-Su San Mai), SUNMAI is one of Taiwan's leading craft breweries. Starting with beers brewed using traditional German brewing techniques, the brewery also brews many beers using ingredients unique to Taiwan. The company's Honey Lager, made with precious longan honey that can only be harvested for 28 days a year, won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup and made the name of SUNMAI known around the world.
In 2016, the brand name was renewed to "SUNMAI" with the philosophy of connecting craft beer brewing craft with the unique story and ingredients of Taiwan.

Official website: http://sunmai-jp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunmai.beer/


SUNMAI×COEDO] "Sansho Kamuwat Ale

Ingredients: malt, kumquat juice, sansho, hops
Beer style: Fruit and Spice Ale
Alcohol content: 5.5%
Specifications: bottle 333ml
Storage method: refrigeration required
Shelf life: 120 days from production


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