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Zoom 《2020年発売》『人生醸造craft』
Zoom 《2020年発売》『人生醸造craft』
Zoom 《2020年発売》『人生醸造craft』
Zoom 《2020年発売》『人生醸造craft』
Zoom 《2020年発売》『人生醸造craft』


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Using cutting-edge AI to analyze the characteristics of people in their 20s to 50s, we have developed a craft beer called "Life Brewing Craft" that is useful for intergenerational communication. The AI analyzes the characteristics of each generation and suggests parameters for each beer, which is then developed and brewed by beer craftsmen.

Beer has long been an important tool for facilitating communication around the world.

What if AI could now enhance the creativity of brewers?

COEDO collaborated with NEC the WISE, NEC's cutting-edge AI technology group, to take on the challenge of creating the next generation of craft beer.

AI learns the characteristics of people in their 20s to 50s from magazine data published by Shogakukan over the past several decades, and translates them into the colors, smells, and tastes unique to each generation.

For the first time in the world, a "life brewing craft" has been created to encourage communication between generations by reproducing the flavor of life through AI.

Why don't you discuss the tastes of life with those close to you?

Please enjoy intergenerational communication by giving "Life Brewing Craft" to your colleagues, your boss, and your family.


0Product Description

Life Brewing Craft ~20's PINK~
Beer Style: Herbal Ale
Alcohol Content: 3.5%
Ingredients: Malt, Hops, Lactose, Hibiscus

The digital native generation grew up surrounded by social networking sites.
Brewed for people in their 20s, this herbal ale has a citrus aroma from American hops, acidity from hibiscus, and a pale pink color. The bitterness and alcohol content are moderate, allowing anyone to enjoy it casually. Cutting-edge sensibilities may be a bit sweet and sour.

Life Brewing Craft ~30's BLUE~
Style: Fruit Beer
Alcohol content: 4.0%
Ingredients: malt, hops, coconut, lemon rind, blue dye (gardenia)

From Showa to Heisei. Millennials with a different set of values.
Brewed for people in their thirties, this fruit ale has a tropical aroma of blue, sweet-scented coconut and hops. You will enjoy the harmony of the pleasant acidity derived from lemon peel and the bitterness of the hops. The colors are an invitation to a new generation.

Life Brewing Craft ~40's YELLOW~
Style: Crystal Weizen
Alcohol content: 5.5%
Ingredients: malt, hops

The junior baby boomers, and later, the generation during the ice age, which was later described as the lost decade of employment.
Brewed for people in their 40s, this crystal weizen is characterized by a well-balanced cohesion of complex aromas of yeast-derived banana-like esters and phenols. Enjoy the light body and clean taste that can be experienced by removing the yeast from a weizen that is often drunk unfiltered.
This depth was born from having lived through turbulent times.

Life Brewing Craft - 50's RED"
Style: Original Ale
Alcohol content: 7.0%
Ingredients: malt, hops, sweet potatoes

The bubble generation was a time when all of Japan was full of vitality.
Brewed for people in their fifties, this original ale balances the combination of specialty malts with a high alcohol content, resulting in a beer with just the right amount of body, a clean mouthfeel, and a mellow finish that can be enjoyed at the same time. After all, the glossy color and aroma are well suited to this generation.


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