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May 27(Sat.) and 28(Sun.)
Held on the premises of COEDO craft beer brewery in Higashimatsu𯗵 City, Saitama Prefecture
Camping music festival "Mugino Autumn Music Festival "
Start crowdfunding!
Celebrate music in a golden wheat field!
Brewing beer with organically grown wheat on our own farm,
Coed Brewery's Challenge!
Kyodo Shoji Coed Brewery will hold a camping music festival "GINO AKI GINOGAKUSAI 2023" on May 27 and 28 at the COEDO craft beer brewery in Higashimatsushima City, Saitama Prefecture, to celebrate the success of the festival and its evolution into a sustainable, environmentally friendly event. The crowdfunding campaign will start on April 7th (Friday) at 3pm in order to make the festival a success and to make it a sustainable and eco-friendly event, and to challenge brewing new beers in the future with the harvested Taro that we have started growing organically on our own farm on the brewery grounds.

The term "autumn" refers to the harvest season of May and June. The "Autumn Music Festival" was held for the first time last November with the aim of creating a touch point for people to encounter agriculture and nature in an entertaining environment. The seeds are grown organically, so they coexist with a variety of living organisms, including animals, insects and microorganisms, which are sometimes regarded as foreign enemies.

We hope to celebrate the harvest of the harvest with the visitors to the autumn music festival 2023 by gathering around the harvest fields and drinking beer with the music. We are looking forward to celebrating with music and beer around the field.
In this crowdfunding campaign, we are offering a special return gift of COEDO Beer's limited brewed ale "Ototonari", which could only be consumed at the GINO AKI Music Festival in 2022, so that more people can enjoy it.

In addition, we will be offering a special "Ototonaru" label, which will be an original label for "Ototonaru", as well as an official "Ototonaru" T-shirt printed with the newly drawn picture. We will also provide the official T-shirt of the ⾳No-Aki Music Festival.
In addition, we will also be offering a variety of other original goods from COEDO.

The funds raised through the crowdfunding will be used to cover the costs of maintaining the fields, operating the "Autumn Music Festival", and developing the limited edition beer.

We hope you will support this crowdfunding campaign and enjoy the "Music Festival 2023".

Celebrate the music at the Music in the tea fields!
    Co-Ed Brewery's challenge toorganically grow beer on their own farm and brew beer.

Period: April 7, 2023 (Friday) 15:00 - May 30, 2023 (Tuesday) 23:59
Website URL: Crowdfunding site "Ubue"
Outstanding Amount: 500,000 yen

- COEDO Beer Limited Brewing Ale "Ototonaru (COEDO Beer Limited Edition Brewed Ale "OTOTONARI" 6 bottles
・Official T-shirt of "Music Festival in Autumn" drawn by live painting performer Kohei Kondo

・Set of 2 original "Music Festival in Autumn" coasters
・COEDO x Klean Kanteen pint cup
・COEDO Original leisure sheet
・Special supporter (pennant course/flag course)
*Please refer to the crowdfunding URL for details on how to give back.
About Crowdfunding "UBUGE" (
As a crowdfunding platform that "gives shape to your initial impulse," we operate with 0% of the publisher's fee burden and a system fee (330 yen per transaction + 5% of the purchase amount) from our partners (purchasers). The system is operated with a 0% fee for the publisher and a system fee (330 yen per transaction plus 5% of the purchase amount) from the partner (purchaser), and the publisher can use 100% of the amount raised for the project.

Music Festival 2023


Schedule: May 27th (Mon) & 28th (Sun), 2023
May 27th (Mon) 8:00am Camping Area Open / 10:00am Live Music Area Doors Open / 11:00am Concert (tentative)
May 28th (Sun) 10:00am Live Music Area Open / 11:00am Concert (tentative)

Venue: COEDO Craft Beer Brewery outdoor grounds area and inside the brewery
(1352 O⾕, Higashimatsu⽟shi, Saitama, Japan)

May 27th (Saturday) Artists
ACIDMAN (Acoustic Set)
Sakura Fujiwara✕Yuga

Camp cooking workshop by Yasuyoshi Asuwa✕TOMOMOMI (SCANDAL)
Produced by WILD STOCK

May 28th (Sunday) Artists
Takao Solashima (Original Love)
Def Tech
Tomato Club (Masashi Yamada✕ Tak Muramatsu)
Takashi Hamasaki (FLYING KIDS) ✕ Kohei Kondo (Live Painting)

Ticket prices (all tax included):
[Entrance Tickets (General Admission)] Now on sale:
<Two Day Ticket>
Two Day Entrance Ticket (20+) 15,000 yen *includes 2 COEDO beer tickets
Two Day Entrance Ticket (junior high school students - under 19) 7,500 yen *includes 2 soft drink tickets

Day Ticket>
One Day Ticket (20+) 8,000 yen *includes 1 COEDO beer ticket
Entrance ticket (junior high school student - under 19) 4,000 yen *includes 1 soft drink ticket

Registration URL:

【Outside Parking Lot】 On sale now
5/27(Sat.) Outside No. 2 Parking Lot Ticket (5-minute walk to the venue)
5/27(Sat.) Outside No. 2 Parking Lot Ticket (6-minute walk to the venue)
5/27(Sat.) Outside No. 3 Parking Lot Ticket (5-minute walk to the venue)

5/28(Sun.) Outside No. 2 Parking Lot Ticket (5-minute walk to the venue) 5/28(Sun) Outside Parking Lot No.3 (5 min. walk to the venue)
5/28(Sun) Outside Parking Lot No . 2 (6 min. walk to the venue)
5/28(Sun) Outside Parking Lot No.3 (5 min. walk to the venue)

2,000 yen each *Sales will end when limited number is reached

Registration URL:


[Camping Ticket (with on-site parking)] No more tickets available
[Camping Area Accommodation (with unlimited COEDO beer)] No more tickets available

<Inquiries about tickets> E-Plus Customer Support h ttp://

Sponsored by:
COEDO (Kyodo Shoji)
Wise Connection
Support: Tobu Railway / ogawa / Suntrage / Ihashi / Masaki Seisakusho

Support: J-WAVE

Production: Wise Connection
Official Web site:
Twitter: @mugino_toki
Event hashtag: #mugino_toki

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