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Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture,
Coedo Brewery and Furusato Choice,
COEDO Craft Beer Brewery to
stage a camping-type music festival ticket
Start accepting applications for Furusato tax gifts
<from April 15>
- "Muginoaki Music Festival" admission ticket to be posted exclusively on Furusato Choice -.

(Mayor: Koichi Morita, hereinafter "Higashimatsuyama City"), Kyodo Shoji (President: Shigeharu Asagiri, hereinafter "Kyodo Shoji"), and Trustbank Corporation (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shigeharu Asagiri), which plans and operates the comprehensive website "Furusato Choice" ( (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenichi Kawamura; hereinafter "Trust Bank"), which plans and operates the comprehensive Furusato Tax Payment website "Furusato Choice" (), will post an admission ticket to the Muginoaki Music Festival to be held by Kyodo Shoji in May 2023 as a thank-you gift for Higashimatsuyama City hometown tax payment on April 15, and start accepting applications for the ticket only at Furusato Choice.
This is the first time that tickets to the festival will be accepted as a thank-you gift.
Higashimatsuyama City, Kyodo Shoji, and Trust Bank will continue to promote the revitalization of the entire region by stimulating the local economy and creating relationships and interaction among people through the Furusato tax payment.

About the "Mugino Autumn Music Festival," which will be a gift of thanks

Muginoki Music Festival is a camping-type music festival organized by Kyodo Shoji and held on the premises of COEDO Craft Beer Brewery. The festival will feature acoustic live performances by a variety of artists in a natural setting in Higashimatsuyama City, along with "Ototonari," a beer brewed especially and exclusively for the festival.

 Event Information
Dates: May 27 (Sat.) and 28 (Sun.), 2023 Doors open at 10:00/performance starts at 11:00 each day (tentative)
Venue: COEDO Craft Beer Brewery outdoor grounds area and inside the brewery (1352 Otani, Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture)
Performers: ACIDMAN (Acoustic Set) / UA / Omoinotake / Caravan / Takao Tajima (Original Love) / Def Tech / Tomato Club (Shoji Yamada✕Taku Muramatsu) / Takashi Hamasaki (FLYING KIDS)✕Kohei Kondo (live painting) / PHONO TONES / Sakura Fujiwara✕Yuga / U-zhaan✕ROY✕Chinza DOPENESS / LOW IQ 01
 Thank you for your support!

Higashimatsuyama City Contact: Koike Comment

Kyodo Shoji Co., Ltd. has its main production base in Higashimatsuyama City. The brewery uses natural water pumped from a well on the factory grounds and carefully selected ingredients to create beers that are all unique in their own way. This is the second time the brewery has opened its premises to the public for the "Muginotoki Ongaku Festival," a camping-type music festival. For the first time, we are pleased to offer tickets to the festival as a gift in return for tax payment. Many of you may have come to know about Higashimatsuyama City through Coed Beer, which you have chosen to purchase through the Furusato tax return program. We would be happy if you could visit the Muginoaki Music Festival and experience the charms of Higashimatsuyama City to the fullest. We look forward to welcoming more people, including Coed beer fans, to visit Higashimatsuyama City.

Public Relations Manager of Kyodo Trading: Tanabe, commenting on the event.

COEDO was founded in 1975 by Kyodo Shoji, a trading company specializing in organic products, and began brewing beer in 1996 by utilizing agricultural products from the Kawagoe area, We have started a project to grow our own wheat organically on the land on our property. In the process, we wanted to create a touch point where people could enjoy encountering agriculture and nature with entertainment, so last November we held a camping-type music festival "Mugi-no-toki Ongaku-sai" (Mugi no Autumn Music Festival) at the brewery. By tasting beer in the place where it was brewed, and combining that with the magic of music, we hope that people will be able to enjoy the terroir that is born from the unique climate and culture of the region to the fullest. This year, the second year of the festival, a biomass power generation facility that utilizes waste from the brewing process is now in operation, and the Mugi-no-Aki Music Festival aims to be a more environmentally friendly and sustainable event. Please join us for a toast!

Higashimatsuyama, Saitama ( )

Higashimatsuyama, a city of flowers, walking, and Nobel Prize winners in physics Higashimatsuyama City is located in the center of Saitama Prefecture, in the heart of the Kanto region. Surrounded by the rich nature of the Hiki Hills, the city also offers easy access to central Tokyo. Work in the city and relax in Higashimatsuyama in your off time. More and more people are moving to Higashimatsuyama in search of a "just-right lifestyle" that strengthens family ties. The shortest commute from Ikebukuro Station on the Tobu Tojo Line to Higashimatsuyama Station is 44 minutes! The convenience of access from the Nerima Interchange of the Kanetsu Expressway to the Higashi-Matsuyama Interchange (40 km), the abundant natural scenery, and the townscape with its rich history and cultural atmosphere have made this area a popular place to live for many people.

Kyodo Shoji Corporation ( )

Kyodo Shoji was founded in 1982 in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, based on the founder's passionate wish to "provide safe and delicious food that is the foundation of health" and "improve Japanese agriculture as much as possible. We consider the entire process of agricultural products from cultivation, distribution, sales, and processing to consumption as a part of agriculture, including organic fruit and vegetable cultivation, processing, sales, distribution, beer production, and research and development of waste recycling technology. We are active as an agri-venture company involved in the entire food cycle, starting with agriculture.

Trustbank Corporation ( )

Founded in April 2012, Trustbank launched Furusato Choice, Japan's first comprehensive website for hometown tax payment, in September of the same year. In November 2006, it became a member of the group with TSE prime market leader Change Inc. and entered the public tech business. In September 2007, the company released "LoGo Chat," a business chat service for local governments, and in March 2008, "LoGo Form," a no-code electronic application tool. In addition, the company is developing a local currency business to promote local economic circulation and an energy business to promote local production for local consumption of renewable energy. No. 1 in the number of municipalities where applications can be submitted (according to in-house research as of June 2022), No. 1 in the number of thank-you gifts listed (according to JMRO research as of September 2022).

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Kyodo Shoji Co., Ltd. Coedobrewery
Public Relations: Makoto Tanabe
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