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Meet our artisans and their beer.


Watching the material - Selection

The crafting of fine beer begins with a close inspection of its component parts. We harness the power of all of the senses during our inspection process—making sure that our ingredients look, smell, feel, and taste exactly as they should.

Growing up - Saccharification -.

Converting malts to sugar is a process that requires our artisan brewers to delicately nurture a wort mixture. Slowly and painstakingly crafting the wort in a high-temperature environment is what brings out the natural sweetness of our fine malts.

Cleaning work - Cleaning - Cleaning

Few people realize that more than half of the work of brewing is meticulous cleaning. The spotless environments that our artisan brewers create allow our beers to mature slowly and gracefully to perfection.

With Yeast - Fermentation

Our artisans must also create an ideal environment for the yeast to do its work. Fermentation takes place under strict temperature controls with painstaking attention to detail.

Craftsman Courtesy - Confirmation

Beer is strictly evaluated as it rushes from the tank. During this process, our brewers always allow the first sip of beer to fall to the ground as a tribute to the brewmasters who came before them.

Joy - Shipping - Shipping

As we pack our products for final delivery, we delight in the knowledge that they will bring happiness to those who make Coedo a part of their most joyous occasions.


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