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Beer Beautiful

Beer has always been about color, aroma, taste, and pure, smooth-drinking delight. Each aspect of its character provides a distinctive and lively sensory experience. At Coedo, we are proud to offer our wide selection of beers to the world, which range in color from the deep crimson of a uniquely Japanese beer made with native sweet potatoes to the classic golden hue of our traditional pilsner.
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Today, the artisan brewers of Coedo use only the finest ingredients, which they expertly prepare with their own hands using Japan’s famous pure water and an artisan touch. The result is world-class beer. Their philosophy is not to pursue beers that are flashy and overtly unique, but to create exquisite, delicately balanced craft products through painstaking attention to the smallest detail.

Beer is great.

Today, the Coedo Brewery strives to respect and preserve the insight and wisdom of our forefathers while taking advantage of our modern age in which we may proudly offer our uniquely Japanese beers to the world.


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