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"Nashi mukuya yama amaiki shizuku no blade wo dururu"
was composed by Masaoka Shiki, and I can see him gazing at it with pleasure, waiting for it to come.
I love the smell of fruits and fragrant fragrant rhinoceros, the news of autumn descends from everywhere, and the autumn is full of colors.
I have created a beer that I hope you will take the time to savor and savor the ever-changing moment.

Pears in the Higashidaira area of Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture

*Cooperation : Higashimatsuyama Higashidaira Pear Association, WAKUWAKU Farm

Higashimatsuyama City in Saitama Prefecture, where the COEDO craft beer brewery is located, has been actively cultivating Japanese pears for about 60 years and is known as one of the leading pear production areas in the prefecture.
We used Saitama Prefecture's original "Saidama" variety, grown in the Tohei district, which is located right next to the brewery. It is characterized by its large, massive appearance, yet elegant sweetness and freshness.

It is juicy with a delicate Japanese pear flavor and a hop aroma reminiscent of tropical fruits. This Hazy Fruit Ale has a smooth mouthfeel and slightly thicker body due to the oats.


Natsuhate 2021

Ingredients: malt, hops, Japanese pears ("Saidama" from Higashimatsuyama City)
Beer style: Fruit Ale
Alcohol content: 4.0%
IBU : 11.43



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